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The Kenai Pennisula

Fireweed Fiberfest

Sept 23rd, 24th, 25th 2016

4th Annual Fiber Festival

Sterling Community Center

Sterling, AK

Vendors Application

Contact Person: _________________________________________________________


City:__________________________________ State:__________Zip:_______________


Please describe the type of goods you will be selling:______________________________


What demonstration or activity will you be doing? (5.00 per day discount for on-site demos)


Do you need electricity? (1st come basis) no fee/bring extension cord YES NO (circle)

Would you like a wall or center space for your booth? (1st come basis) Wall Center (circle)

Requested Spaces: 1 booth 40.00 per day x 2 days (10x10) = 80.00 _____________

                                         2 booths 80.00 per day x 2 days (10x20) = 160.00 _____________

                                                                                                           Total _____________

No extra fees for tables and chairs, each booth will get 1 table & 2 chairs

I have read the materials provided and agree to abide by them. I grant permission to the Fireweed Fiber Guild to use photos, video and other visual representations of my booth and my product without compensation. I understand that I am totally responsible for my booth and personal property including the method of display, method of set up, security for the protection of my property, sale of merchandise and take down of the booth. I will provide materials for the booth.  I agree to indemnify, save and hold Fireweed Fiber Guild harmless from any loss, liability, attorney's fees, damages or costs that I may incur arising out of or related to the rental of my booth.

______________________________________________                                                          _________________

Signature                                                                                                                                                                                           Date

____ Check Enclosed _____ Money Order Enclosed _____  ~~Make payable to Fireweed FiberFest 

Contact Info:

  Fireweed FiberFest c/o Shauna Bryers, PO Box 4084, Soldotna, AK 99669,     907-394-9331

Vendors Guidelines and Information

Please keep this page for your records

The Mission of this festival is to: Create an on-going event in support of natural fiber businesses in Alaska for the benefit of the fiber artists, fiber producers and the general community. Education is our primary focus on all levels, while we promote economic opportunities for those involved.

Vendors, instructors, demonstrators, fiber artists, fiber producers, and retail fiber businesses are welcome to participate in this celebration of natural fibers in Alaska.

Our focus is natural fibers and related supplies.

We define natural fibers as all fibers produced by animals or plants and used to produce a finished product. This can include: all animal fibers including leather and fur, all plant fibers including those used for baskets.

Fibers, yarns and finished products for sale must be at least 75% natural.

We will not accept vendors of general craft show/bazaar items.

We do accept and encourage support services or equipment such as accents, tools or services related to natural fibers.

  • Accents can be items such as bone or wood buttons or special beads
  • Tools can be spinning wheels, looms, spindles and special fiber related tools
  • Services can be the Mills that have opened or NRCS providing pasture information

Vendors will be screened for compliance with these guidelines. If a vendor has in-appropriate items, they will be asked to remove them.

A 75% deposit is required with your vendors application and the balance is due at the end of the first full day of the festival.

No pets are allowed on the festival grounds except for Certified Service Animals (with proof)

You may park in front to unload, please move your vehicle to the back of the lot when done


Only community members signed up for a class, will be allowed into the facility during set-up on Friday.

Vendors, if you need information regarding borough tax, please contact:

Lori Lingafelt at:

[email protected]


Festival Schedule

  Date                              Set-up Time                          Festival                                Tear Down


       Sept 23                                              12 noon to 6:00                                           Classes Only                                    ***********



         Sept 24                                                        9:00                                                               10:00-5:00                                       ***********


                   Sept 25                                                       9:00                                                               10:00-5:00                                            5:00-7:00