Fireweed FiberFest 



Vendors for 2018 are subject to change, please check back often.

Dandelion Acres(Linda Price-Albers)-- Prepared fibers, spindles, yarn, knitted goods.   Linda will be demonstrating spindle spinning

Alaskan Yarn Company(Jules Joy)--Yarn, roving,  needle felting kits.  Jules will be demonstrating Kool-aid dyeing

Arlene Haines & Sharon Blades--Handspun yarn, handknitted accessories, felted items,  seagrass baskets, gourds

Working Wood Productions(John M Ziv III)--Tools and finding items for a variety of fiber arts

Fireweed Fiber Guild(members)--Art, yarn, roving, accessories, equipment

Art  Work  You Can Use(John and Marilee Hayden)--Buttons  made from antler and Shell.

Carol Sinenko--Raw wool, washed wool, carded wool, knitted items.

Odea's Place (Shauna Bryers)-- Fiber arts supplies, finished products

Black Elk Leather & Mental Explosion Crafts(Stephen Loeck/Tina Merrill)--Upcycled  Jean Hats, Old African Beads, Hancrafted Leather Belts and drink holders.

Lancashire Farm (Jane Conway)--Yarn, roving & fleeces, knitted items, felted soap, wool dryer balls

Will Lee--Yarn , & knitting and  crochet  accessories